When it comes to decorated rigid plastic packaging for the food industry, no one offers greater capabilities than Polytainers.  Whether you are interested in developing a custom container or you are interested in using one of our broad range of stock packages, we have a solution to meet your needs. 


Some of our capabilities include:

  • Design center capable of developing containers that meet both consumer and operational needs and providing ‘buy-me’ packaging appeal.
  • Integrated R&D center able to develop a unit cavity mold to meet testing requirements and expedite the development process.
  • Injection Molding and Thermoforming capabilities to provide containers to meet both your structural and design needs.  Able to mold using a range or resins suitable to your specific requirements.
  • Integrated, on-site graphics department.  This integrated approach enables us to develop printing solutions and print quality unmatched in the industry.
  • Environmental Design.  With engineered structural solutions, Polytainers is focused on developing efficient containers that optimize shipping and operational efficiencies – minimizing handling costs and maximizing production efficiencies.


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