Introducing the new Wave series of containers!


Polytainers Wave Series was specifically designed for use in applications where consumer’s ability to see the product is a key selling feature. Our lower waved "Wave" feature provides a window for consumer to see your product, while the IML printed upper label allows for sharp graphics and offers the benefit of concealing headspace. This feature is particularly beneficial when used in a range of products with varying fill heights.


This product is available in 8, 10, 12, 14,  and 24 oz sizes with white, clear or custom pigment.


Key features of the product include:

  • Attractive wave shape, to help your product stand out on shelf.
  • Intended lower ring, that allows for visibility of your product when used with clear resign.
  • IML label, allows for high resolution graphics. Available in a range of finishes, and conceals head space.
  • Engineered to work on 409 diameter filling equipment – the standard diameter container in a range of categories. This allows for an cost-effective way to refresh your product look without investment in new filling equipment.
  • Ideally suited to our new Euro-style, deep skirted lid. When pigmented, this can provide easy navigation for consumers to differentiate product families, or flavor ranges.

Click here to access our Online Catalogue to learn more about the different Wave series containers! 

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