At Polytainers, we strive to reduce our direct environmental footprint while assisting customers in meeting their sustainability requirements and goals of the market in general. To do this we focus on:

  • Active participation in a number of organizations with active environmental initiatives to improve the environmental impact of packaging. These include:
    • The Sustainable Packaging Coalition
    • The Rigid Plastic Packaging Container (RPPC) Program
    • PAC membership including Sustainable Programs initiative
  • Development of a range of internal initiatives to drive material and energy efficiency including:
    • Closed-loop systems for process cooling
    • High efficiency drive systems
    • Employee energy and scrap reduction program
    • 100% recycled corrugate
  • In an effort to drive efficiencies for customers and to reduce plastic utilization, Polytainers has developed a range of design innovations to minimize the environmental impact of Polytainers' packaging. These include:
    • Innovation in cup stacking to drive improvements in cube efficiences. These improvements reduce secondary packaging by approximately 20%, reduces trucks on the road by up to 20% and drives customer processing efficiencies. 
    • Dramatic increase in the use of thermoforming technologies, dramatically reducing resin usage, total hydrocarbons and energy use per cup.
    • Container design innovations to reduce the use of resin in injection molded packaing. This has the dual benefit of reducing both energy per cups and resin usage per cup. 

We continue to evaluate renewable resins along with a range of alternatives to reduce energy consumption to further improve our environmental footprint.

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