Polytainers new IML Euro-style lid offers a simple way to make a 409 containers stand out from the crowd. It combines a Euro-inspired shape with designed in features that provide easy-grip to make it easier to open. A deep sidewall provides a strong block of color that can compliment your label design. Combined with an IML printed label, Polytainers Euro lid is a great way to refresh a current category or to ‘top-off’ a new product launch in a distinctive way.


Key features include:

  • Utilizes IML printed labels to provide sharp graphics to present your brand and product. This is particularly beneficial in favorably presenting products in bunker displays.
  • Designed with easy-open features including a textured surface and a flared sidewall. These features make for an easy-grip lid that is easier to open, while maintaining a distinct click closure.
  • Purposefully designed with a radiated sidewall, to provide a strong area of color for consumers. This feature can be used to help consumers visually distinguish category families or item varieties.

Also available in a conventional flush mount profile.

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